Hydrometer vs Alcoholmeter: All You Need To Know

Hydrometer vs Alcoholmeter: All You Need To Know

Hydrometer Vs Alcoholmeter: What's The Difference?

Most people think that can use hydrometers and alcoholmeters in place of one another. Just because they look, they can’t be used to replace the other. These instruments are calibrated differently and they are different applications as well. They make look the same but are used for different types of liquids. What are these liquids, what are the differences between these two and which one should you buy? Let’s discuss these questions in detail.


What is a digital hydrometer?

A hydrometer is a useful instrument for those who are in the brewing and distilling business. The instrument is majorly used for fermented liquids and therefore highly demanded by professionals who make beer, wine and cider.


Using a hydrometer, one can determine the alcohol content in a liquid. For instance, you can use it to check the amount of alcohol in beer after fermentation. The traditional hydrometers were made with a bulbous bottom that floats in a liquid. By following the basic principle of gravity, the tube is used to determine the alcohol content in the liquid.

The markings on the scale were used to measure the alcohol content. Reading the density from a floating tube might be challenging for some, therefore digital hydrometers were invented. They are reliable due to their precise readings and user friendly operations. Although, digital hydrometers are a bit expensive as compared to the conventional manual hydrometers. Depending on your expertise, you can choose between the two options to determine the precise alcohol content in a liquid.


What is a digital alcohol meter?

The instrument is also used for determining the alcohol content, but it is used for spirits. To put it simply, an alcohol meter reads the ratio of ethanol to water in a liquid. It looks like a hydrometer and works on the same principle of gravity. The readings are taken by observing a floating alcoholmeter. Therefore, it can be said, an alcoholmeter is a type of hydrometer that is particularly used for spirits. They provide more accurate readings than any other instrument used for detecting alcohol content.


What are the differences between Alcoholmeter & Hydrometer?

Both hydrometer and alcoholmeter tubes are used to read the alcohol content in a liquid. The only difference is that a hydrometer is suitable for fermented drinks whereas an alcoholmeter is useful for spirits. You can’t substitute each other because a hydrometer doesn’t have an alcohol scale on it. Likewise, an alcoholmeter is only useful for measuring the water to ethanol ratio and won’t work for liquids like beer and wine.

  • A hydrometer is used for measuring fermented liquids.
  • You can’t use a hydrometer for spirits, an alcoholmeter is required for the job.
  • Both offer precise readings when calibrated correctly, but the alcoholmeter is more sensitive.

Hydrometer vs Alcoholmeter: which one is better?

Now that you know the basic difference between both the equipment, you probably have understood that there is no comparison between these two. These two instruments are used for completely different liquids and can’t be substituted by each other. So if you require alcohol readings in a fermented liquid, you will need a hydrometer and when you need to read alcohol content in spirits you can’t use a hydrometer, an alcoholmeter will be required for it.


Traditional vs digital hydrometers

Technology advancements result in an innovative range of digital hydrometers. These devices ensure that you get correct alcohol readings. However, with experience, one can easily check the alcohol content using a manual hydrometer. Just make sure to take a reading at the correct temperature level. Moreover, it is important to use a high-quality hydrometer because calibration is crucial for the optimal performance of the equipment. If you want to get precise readings, whether it’s a conventional tube type hydrometer or a new and hi-tech digital hydrometer, precise calibration is a must. For hassle-free operations, most brewers are inclined toward the innovative range of digital hydrometers. The new-age hydrometers are ergonomically designed, they are extremely lightweight and very easy to use. These digital equipment are widely popular for up to three digit accuracy of the alcohol content. Although, it is totally a personal preference and also depends on your budget that you prefer digital over manual hydrometers. Both offer precise results when you are experienced enough, taking the reading at a correct temperature and using a precisely calibrated hydrometer.


Final words

Alcoholmeter is a type of hydrometer, they both work on the same principle and are used for reading the alcohol content, but you can’t use them interchangeably. Both types of equipment are intended for completely different use which is discussed in today’s post. If you are searching for ways to correctly take the readings, it is important to choose a calibrated hydrometer. Ideally, you can also shop for an intuitive range of digital hydrometers that ensure maximum performance and minimum error

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