Chemistry Lab Equipment All Schools Must Have

Chemistry Lab Equipment All Schools Must Have

Teaching science to children requires going beyond textbooks and theoretical knowledge. In order to grasp what is being taught in the class, students also need to watch and handle different materials and objects to get better clarity. If you are running a school, you also need a science lab for students to perform various experiments and gets hands-on experience of concepts. You have to ensure that it is fully equipped with appropriate chemistry lab equipment so that students can learn and enjoy.

Here is the chemistry lab equipment list high school should follow:

Measurement Equipment

Flasks, beakers, cylinders, triple-beam balance, electronic scales, test tubes, thermometers, stopwatches, pipettes, pipette bulbs – these are some types of measuring equipment that helps to measure mass and volume.


Magnetism is an interesting subject and student love to watch how it works. Your science lab should have floating ring magnets, metal testing strips, small square magnets, horseshoe magnets, directional compasses, encased magnetic iron filings and magnetic materials testing kits.


It is recommended to have a proper glassware kit which typically comprises beakers, flasks, volumetric pipets, stir rod, medicine droppers, funnels, watch glass and tubes. This equipment is available in different sizes and measurements, depending on their use. For example, there are volumetric, filtering and distilling flasks. There are also flasks flat bottom, round bottom or ones that require neck stands.

Burners, Clamps and Retort Stands

Certain experiments require using heat as the source. So, you need devices that are heat-friendly and support such experiments. Clamps enable you to suspend the equipment over the burner. Ring stands hold the burner in place so that there are no accidents.

Safety Equipment

Every science lab must have safety equipment and when you have students in the picture, you have to be extremely precautious. Make sure your science lab has safety goggles, masks, gloves, aprons, coats, an emergency eye station, an emergency shower cubicle and a fire blanket among other things.

Lab Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

A school science lab a sterilizer and a washer as well as a horde of cleaning supplies such as brushes, wipes, swabs, detergents and solutions. A school science lab is a fun and enriching place for students. The school has to ensure that it has all the necessary equipment as well as safety measures in place.

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