Benefits of Having a Tablet Counter

Benefits of Having a Tablet Counter

Also known as a pills counter, a tablet counter is becoming increasingly common in pharmacies, clinics and hospitals. It is an automated machine that accurately sorts, counts and dispenses pills, capsules or tablets.

Here are some benefits of a tablet counting machine:


Imagine sorting, counting and dispensing thousands of pills of different types, sizes and colours every day by hand! It will take hundreds of man hours to complete the task. Also, there is a risk of human errors in these activities. If there is a staff shortage, it hampers productivity and creates a backlog of work. A pill counter can easily automate all these activities and relieve the staff to do core or more intelligent jobs. Instead of adding extra hands, it will be more useful to install a tablet counter.

Cost Saving

When you convert man hours into money, you will be surprised how much costly hand counting is. An automatic pill counting machine will incur a one-time cost but save a significant amount of money on staff salaries.

Accurate Counting

When employees make mistakes in counting, they have to start all over again. This results in a heavy loss of time and money. The key purpose of a tablet counting machine is to assist in accurate counting and increase the efficiency of the process.

Prevention of Contamination

In most cases, employees wear gloves and other protective gear as it may be required while handling the pills. However, this does not eliminate the risk of contamination of the pills and bottles. A pill counter reduces the risk of contamination.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are likely to complain if they get bottles with wrong pills or incorrect number. You may even have to recall these bottles or the entire batch which leads to customer grievances. A tablet counter ensures that such instances do not happen.

A pill counter is one of the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for pharmacy automation.

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