Benefits of a bottle-top dispenser

Benefits of a bottle-top dispenser

The bottle-top dispenser is scientific laboratory equipment that consists of a piston on a plunger. The bottle-top dispenser is a simple liquid handling tool used to dispense defined liquid volumes into vessels. This scientific apparatus can be used for various purposes such as performance safety, speed, and reliability. It also helps to save time and extra work. The additional accessories such as ETFE adapters increase the chemical stability of tools and widens its usage in the chemical industry. Check out these benefits of a bottle-top dispenser to know more:


1. It helps in handling special chemicals

Some chemicals are highly corrosive in nature such as acetonitrile and can attack different plastic materials, posing a potential health risk if inhaled or brought in direct contact with skin. Other liquids such as fuming acids and alkaline solutions pose potential difficulties too.

2. It is easy and safe to use

Bottle-top dispenser ensures safety in labs. An exclusive dispenser for every reagent bottle makes its movement hassle-free. The closed environment for reagents eliminates the risk of accidental splashing. This also avoids the human body from getting exposed to any harmful substances.

3. It provides high accuracy

With an accuracy of about 0.5% - 0.6%, bottle-top dispenser is known for its precise measurement. Its narrow delivery tube makes transferring liquids into small containers such as test tubes, an easy task.

4. It ensures minimum wastage of substances

Bottle-top dispensers come with different adapters that fit almost all kinds of bottles used in labs. The telescopic inlet tube allows adjusting the dispenser according to the length of the tube. This reduces any wastage during the entire process.

5. Environment-friendly and light on the pocket

We are all aiming towards the use of sustainable equipment and thankfully bottle-top dispensers are one of them. Bottle-top dispenser eliminates the use of plastic consumables like tips as the chemicals get directly dispensed in the container. This also reduces any unnecessary expenditure on tools.

6. Makes work quick

Along with facilitating routine and complex lab tasks, bottle-top dispensers also improve productivity by speeding up the entire process.

So clearly, if you make the right use of a bottle-top dispenser, it is surely going to save time, money, work and protect you and your samples from any accidental damage.

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