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Type: Typical Animal Cell

Typical Animal Cell
Animal Cell
SKU: SE.31.0388-01

Zoology Models are scientific models that serve as essential educational tools, providing a representation of different species and anatomical structures for both students and researchers. These aids facilitate a deeper understanding of the animal kingdom and contribute to scientific exploration of biodiversity and ecological relationships.

In laboratory settings, they are widely utilized in behavioral studies, enabling scientists to observe and analyze intricate animal behaviors in controlled environments. Additionally, Zoology Models are crucial for ecological and evolutionary research, offering valuable insights into the adaptations, habitats, and life cycles of diverse species. These models are utilized in the fields of zoology, ecology, and evolutionary biology. 

For Typical Animal Cell

  1. Nucleus 10 Golgi vesicles
  2. Nuclear membrane 11 Centriole
  3. Nuclear pore 12 Lyosomes
  4. Chromatin 13 Ribosome
  5. Nucleoli 14 Pinocytic vesicle
  6. Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum (with ribosome) 15 Microvilli
  7. Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum (without ribosome) 16 Cytoplasm
  8. Mitochondria 17 Plasmalemma
  9. Golgi apparatus
  10. Golgi vesicles
  11. Centriole
  12. Lyosomes
  13. Ribosome
  14. Pinocytic vesicle
  15. Microvilli
  16. Cytoplasm
  17. Plasmalemma 
Product Code
SE.31.0388-01 Typical Animal Cell 400x270mm
SE.31.0392-01 Animal Cell Inflatable Ball
SE.31.0389-01 Fish Dissection  On Stand, w/Legend
SE.31.0390-01 Frog Dissection  On Board, w/Legend
SE.31.0391-01 Earthworm Dissection  On Board
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Typical Animal Cell, Animal Cell, Fish, Frog, Earthworm

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