Wood Ruler Brass Tipped 1m

Wood Ruler Brass Tipped 1m


Scale: Horizontal

SKU: SE.31.3935-01

Wood rulers serve as fundamental measuring tools, providing reliable and durable These rulers are versatile tools used in physics experiments for precise linear measurements, making them a reliable and accurate method for measuring lengths, distances, and dimensions in various applications.

These rulers are valuable tools for material science labs to assess physical properties of materials, particularly when used for tensile and compression testing. In the field of environmental science, wood rulers are also useful for collecting data on plant height, soil depth, and other ecological parameters.

Horizontal Scale - versatile use for horizontal measurement up to 1m in various scenarios, including drafting, woodworking, and educational settings

Vertical - ideal for measuring vertical distances or heights up to 1 meter, suitable for drafting and design in architectural or engineering applications. Great for woodworking, carpentry, or educational purposes for teaching measurement concepts.

Product Code Scale
SE.31.3935-01 Horizontal
SE.31.3945-01 Vertical
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