Wind Vane Wind Direction Demo

Wind Vane Wind Direction Demo

SKU: SE.31.0204-01

The Wind Vane Wind Direction Demo is an integral tool in meteorology, environmental science, and fluid dynamics research. This is a speed indicator demo type anemometer. It showcases and analyzes wind direction patterns, providing a physical representation of atmospheric movements that aids in understanding weather phenomena. Additionally, environmental science researchers utilize the wind vane for field demonstrations, enhancing educational experiences and deepening the understanding of how wind affects ecosystems and environmental conditions.

Furthermore, it can be used in fluid dynamics investigations for illustrating the principles of aerodynamics and demonstrating the impact of wind direction on various structures. Its specialized design caters to the unique requirements of disciplines focused on atmospheric phenomena, environmental dynamics, and fluid behavior, making it an indispensable resource for scientists and educators in their pursuit of advancing knowledge in these fields.

Product Code: SE.31.0204-01
Dimensions: 200 x 150 x 200mm
Weight: 0.4kg
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