Wind Power Generator

Wind Power Demonstrator Generator

SKU: SE.31.1642-01

The Wind Power Demonstrator Generator serves as an educational aid for subjects such as physics, environmental science, and engineering, allowing students to gain practical knowledge and insight. By showcasing the principles of electromagnetic induction, it demonstrates the conversion of wind energy into electricity, while also elucidating concepts related to sustainable energy. This wind-powered generator can function even in low wind speeds. In fact, it only requires the gentle breeze from a table fan to generate electricity to power a motor or lamp.

Furthermore, engineering students can use this tool to analyze the efficiency and design considerations involved in wind-driven power generation, providing them with a deeper understanding of renewable energy systems. 

Kit Includes: Propelling blade mounted on 2 bearing bush on a heavy metal base. The dynamo unit is connected to the rotor shaft by a gear system.

Product Code: SE.31.1642-01
Dimensions: 33 x 18 x 48cm

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