Wimshurst Machine

Wimshurst Machine


Item: Wimshurst Machine

Wimshurst Machine
Spare Belt
Spare Belt / Pair
SKU: SE.31.1641-01

The Wimshurst machine is an electrostatic generator used to produce high voltages. It is composed of two large disks that spin in opposite directions on a shared axis. This rotation causes the separation of charges, resulting in a potential difference and the production of static electricity. Use the included hand crank to rotate the plates simultaneously in opposing directions, resulting in the generation and storage of electrically charged particles within the Leyden jar capacitors.

Over time, the belts on the Wimshurst machine can become worn out or broken. Keeping a spare belt available allows for quick replacement to ensure continuous operation and maintain its ability to produce high voltages for physics demonstrations or electrostatic experiments.

*mounted on wooden base with rubber feet

Product Code: Description Size/Dims
Wimshurst Machine  300 l x 180 w base
SE.31.1641-54 Spare Belt 45cm circ
SE.31.1641-02 Spare Belt (Pair)
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    Wimshurst Machine, Spare Belt, Spare Belt / Pair

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