Weigh Boats

Weigh Boats


Size: 7ml / 44x44x7mm

7ml / 44x44x7mm
30ml / 85x60x15mm
100ml / 80x80x22mm
250ml / 140x140x24mm
SKU: SE.31.1640-04

Weigh Boats serve as containment vessels in analytical chemistry, accurately measuring and transferring small quantities of substances for tasks such as weighing reagents or samples for quantitative analysis. In microbiology, weigh boats are used to isolate and measure microbial samples with precision, aiding in the preparation of culture media and quantification of microorganisms in experiments.

Additionally, in materials science and physics laboratories, these boats are instrumental in the accurate measurement of powders, granules, or small specimens, supporting investigations into material properties and conducting experiments that require precise measurements. 


  • Manufactured in high impact Polystyrene
  • Ideal for handling both liquids and solids
  • Rounded corners for easy removal of samples.
  • Recesses at the corners for controlled pour-off
  • Suitable for exposure to diluted acids, alcohols, bases and aqueous solutions
  • Flat bottoms ensure stability and prevent tipping
  • Non-graduated
  • Antistatic
  • Non-sterile

*pack of 250

    Product Code Capacity Dimensions
    SE.31.1640-01 100ml 80x80x22mm
    SE.31.1640-02 250ml 140x140x24mm
    SE.31.1640-03 30ml 85x60x15mm
    SE.31.1640-04 7ml 44x44x7mm
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      7ml / 44x44x7mm, 30ml / 85x60x15mm, 100ml / 80x80x22mm, 250ml / 140x140x24mm

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