Water Sampling Kit

Water Sampling Kit For Pond and Stream

SKU: SE.31.0195-01

This Water Sampling Kit For Pond and Stream includes two sets of jars designed for gathering water samples, making it a good choice for environmental monitoring, research, and evaluating water quality. This is used in environmental science, limnology, and aquatic ecology laboratories, facilitating precise water analysis for comprehensive scientific studies.

It is primarily used to measure key water quality parameters such as pH levels, dissolved oxygen content, and nutrient concentrations, providing essential data for ecological assessments and environmental impact studies.

Additionally, in limnology, the kit allows for the collection of water samples from ponds and streams, providing scientists the means to investigate the composition and dynamics of aquatic ecosystems. In aquatic ecology research, the kit plays a vital role in studying biodiversity, tracking the presence of macroinvertebrates, algae, and other indicators of ecosystem health.  

Product Code:  SE.31.0195-01
Qty: Set of 2, with jars
Length: over half a metre long
Includes:  2 dippers, 0 sample tubes

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