Wash Bottle Labelled
Wash Bottle Distilled water
Ethyl Alcohol Wash Bottle
Methanol Wash Bottle

Wash Bottle Labelled


Label: Acetone

Distilled Water
Ethyl Alcohol
SKU: SE.31.1300-01

Wash Bottle Labelled is a versatile piece of laboratory equipment used for various purposes in laboratory settings. It's used to dispense small amounts of liquid, often distilled water or other solvents, in a controlled and directed manner. The wash bottle typically has a nozzle or spout that allows the user to squirt the liquid precisely where needed. 

Wash bottles are widely utilized in chemistry, biology, and other scientific laboratories for precise liquid administration. The bottle design enables easy usage and decreases contamination with its capability to direct the liquid contents to a particular location or item.

  • Suitable for handling hazardous chemicals
  • Printed with chemical name, codes and symbols
  • Curved dispensing tube
  • Self-venting

Capacity: 500ml

Code Label
SE.31.1300-01 Acetone
SE.31.1301-01 Distilled Water
SE.31.1302-01 Ethyl Alcohol
SE.31.1303-01 Isopropanol
SE.31.1304-01 Methanol


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Acetone, Distilled Water, Ethyl Alcohol, Isopropanol, Methanol

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