Visking Dialysis Tubing Cellulose

Visking Dialysis Tubing Cellulose


Size: Size 2 / 10m

Size 2 / 10m
Size 2 / 30m
SKU: SE.31.5587-01

A Visking Dialysis Tubing Cellulose is a semi-permeable membrane commonly used in laboratory settings for experiments related to dialysis and separation processes. This provides a comprehensive understanding of diffusion and osmosis, covering key concepts like permeability, equilibrium, fluid balance, concentration gradients, and plasmolysis. This product is designed to provide an informative and objective perspective for students to enhance their learning experience. Constructed from seamless regenerated cellulose and possessing a standard molecular weight cutoff range of 12,000 to 14,000 Daltons, this membrane excels in illustrating the process of osmosis.

Size: 2

Pore Size: 25

Product Code Length Inflated Diameter
SE.31.5587-01 10m 14.3/22.5mm
SE.31.5587-02 30m 14.3/22.5mm
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Size 2 / 10m, Size 2 / 30m
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