Victor Meyer Apparatus

Victor Meyer Apparatus

SKU: SE.31.5589-01

The Victor Meyer Apparatus is used in chemistry experiments to determine the molecular weight of volatile liquids by measuring gas volumes. It compares the volume of the vaporized substance to a known quantity of air at the same temperature and pressure, allowing for the calculation of molecular weight using the ideal gas law. 

The Victor Meyer Apparatus utilizes a process in which a liquid weight is converted to vapor in a chamber held at a constant high temperature. The displaced air is later cooled to room temperature and its precise volume is measured, allowing for the determination of the volume the vapor would occupy at room temperature without condensation. This method is useful in accurately measuring the volume of a known mass of vapor. This is the standard laboratory method for determining the molecular weight of a volatile liquid.

Product Code: SE.31.5589-01
Carton Size: 73 x 22 x 8cm
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