Caliper Vernier
Caliper Vernier
Caliper Vernier
Caliper Vernier

Vernier Caliper


Type: Dial

Sliding Jaw
SKU: SE.31.1815-01

The Vernier Caliper is an essential tool for precisely measuring lengths, depths, and diameters. It allows measurements as small as fractions of a millimeter, giving users a unmatched level of precision.

Vernier Caliper Digital Type - combines the vernier scale for fine measurements with a dial indicator for additional accuracy

Vernier Caliper Digital Type - hybrid of traditional design and digital technology, delivers exact measurements of component dimensions, such as lengths, diameters, or depths, for inspecting and verifying component dimensions to meet stringent tolerances and standards

Vernier Caliper Plastic - provides optimal balance of precision and ease of use when creating and assembling structures; suitable for settings where contact with other materials or abrasion is a potential hazard

Vernier Caliper Sliding Jaw - takes both external and internal measurements, providing optimal accuracy and precision, perfect for examining and confirming the size of multiple parts

*without calibration certificate

Code Type Dimensions
SE.31.1815-01 Dial 0-150mm x 0.02mm
SE.31.1837-01 Digital 150mm x 0.01mm
SE.31.1845-01 Plastic 150mm x 0.1mm
SE.31.1825-01 Sliding Jaw 150mm x 0.02mm
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Dial, Digital, Plastic, Sliding Jaw
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