Variable Speed Tube Revolver with Digital Display

Variable Speed Tube Revolver Digital Display

SKU: SE.31.5586-01

The Variable Speed Tube Revolver is suitable for multiple laboratory disciplines including Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Clinical, and Histochemistry. The interchangeable rotisseries allow for use with various tube sizes, while the four paddles can be mixed for a versatile combination. Each paddle can be adjusted independently from 0-90 degrees.

Model HYQ-1131 features variable speed control, a digital display, and a programmable back and forth oscillating mode for optimal mixing. The oscillation occurs every 40 degrees in rotation, resulting in more effective liquid mixing.

  • Small footprint, “Plug and Play” operation
  • Includes five different interchangeable rotisseries
  • Rotation direction can be changed by slightly touching the rotisseries
  • Paddle angle is adjustable for different mixing purposes
  • High quality, maintenance-free motor with quiet operation

Product Specifications:

Product Code:
Brand: Nest
Rotation Speed: 10~40rpm
Outside Dimensions: 260(W)x148(D)x195mm(H)
Power: 10W
Power Supply: AC100V~240V 50Hz/60Hz


  • 84x0.5ml tubes
  • 60x1.5ml/2.0ml tubes
  • 28x5ml/7ml tubes
  • 24x10ml tubes
  • 6x50ml tubes

Rotisserie Paddles for:

  • 10ml/15ml Tubes 2pcs
  • 5ml/7ml Tubes 2pcs
  • 1.5ml/2ml Tubes 2pcs
  • 0.5ml/0.8ml Tubes 2pcs
  • 50ml Tubes 1pcs
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