Vacuum Pump Oil Immersion Type

Vacuum Pump Oil Immersion Type

SKU: SE.31.3658-01

A Vacuum Pump Oil Immersion Type is commonly utilized in laboratory settings for various operations, including distillation, filtration, and degassing. These pumps create and maintain a reliable and airtight low-pressure environment, especially for delicate tasks. These pumps are extensively utilized in a variety of industries, labs, and situations that require air removal. 

*Monitor and maintain oil level and quality to for optimal performance

Product Features:

  • R32 and 1234yf compliant
  • Cost-effective vacuum pump built to high JAVAC standards
  • Free air displacement 45 litres/min
  • Ultimate vacuum of 15 micron
  • Ballast Valve
  • Anti-oil demister
  • Fitted with a tri-connector suitable for 1/4", 3/8" and 5/16" SAE
Product Code: SE.31.3658-01
Brand:  JAVAC
Flow Rate: 45L/min
Voltage: 240V
Stages: 2 stage oil rotary vane

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