Vacuum Desiccators Polypropylene

Vacuum Desiccators Polypropylene


Size: 150mm

SKU: P55204
Vacuum Desiccators Polypropylene are essential in laboratories, providing a dry atmosphere to protect moisture-sensitive samples from humidity damage. These desiccators ensure sample integrity by maintaining a low-humidity environment.
Desiccators are made of polypropylene and polycarbonate. These autoclavable vacuum desiccators can hold a vacuum up to 740 mm of Hg for 24 hrs without any greasing. The top dome, molded in rigid and transparent polycarbonate, gives a crystal clear view of the desiccant placed inside. The knurled knob on the top provides easy handling of the dome. The lower part is made of polypropylene. An internal groove is provided on the flange to hold a silicon rubber O-Ring. The polypropylene stopcock is fitted with a self-lubricating PTFE plug. This plug works three-way i.e. vacuum creation, shutting off & vacuum releasing.

Material: Polypropylene/Polycarbonate

Brand: PolyLab


Item Code Size (mm) Flange O.D (mm) I.D (mm)
P55204 150 171 150
P55205 200 232 199
P55206 250 276 240
P55207 300 340 300
P55210 380
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