U-Form Drying Tube Glass

U-Form Drying Tube Glass


Style: Plain / 100x12mm

Plain / 100x12mm
Plain / 125x15mm
Plain / 150x12mm
Plain / 150x20mm
With Side Arms / 110x12mm
With Side Arms / 125x15mm
With Side Arms / 150x20mm
SKU: SE.31.5977-01

The U-Form Drying Tube Glass is mainly used in organic chemistry labs as a moisture-absorbing device, preventing atmospheric moisture from entering during chemical reactions. In biochemistry, the U-Form Drying Tube is essential for creating anaerobic environments, effectively removing water vapor that is critical for reactions sensitive to oxygen.

This specially designed U-shaped glass tube is essential for effectively drying gases in small quantities, especially when using desiccants like Calcium Chloride to remove moisture.

    Product Code Type Dimensions
    SE.31.5977-01 Plain 100x12mm
    SE.31.5987-01 Plain 125x15mm
    SE.31.5997-01 Plain 150x12mm
    SE.31.6007-01 Plain 150x20mm
    SE.31.6017-01 With Side Arms 110x12mm
    SE.31.6027-01 With Side Arms 125x15mm
    SE.31.6037-01 With Side Arms 150x20mm
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      Plain / 100x12mm, Plain / 125x15mm, Plain / 150x12mm, Plain / 150x20mm, With Side Arms / 110x12mm, With Side Arms / 125x15mm, With Side Arms / 150x20mm

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