Turbidity Meter Hand Held

Turbidity Meter Hand Held

SKU: SE.31.3450-01

The Turbidity Meter Hand-Held is a vital instrument for measuring suspended particles in water. Its portable design allows for quick and precise measurements in various applications such as environmental science and water quality analysis. It plays a crucial role in monitoring water quality and complying with environmental standards.

*Principle 90°scattered light
*DC 7.5 V/ 0.2 A (Adapter); 5*AA battery

Product Code:
Model: WGZ-1B
Minimum Reading (NTU): 0.1
Measuring Range (NTU): 0 - 200
Indicator Error: ±8% (±2.5% F.S)
Repeatability: ≤1%
Zero Draft: ±1% F.S
Power Supply: AC 220 V/ 110 V, 50 / 60 Hz (Optional)

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