Tuning Fork Blued Steel


Item: A / 426.6 Hz

A / 426.6 Hz
B / 480 Hz
C / 256 Hz
D / 288 Hz
E / 320 Hz
F / 341.3 Hz
G / 384 Hz
Lower C / 128Hz
Upper C / 512Hz
SKU: SE.31.0478-01

As a musical instrument used for producing specific pitches or frequencies when struck, a tuning fork made of blued steel is designed to vibrate at a particular frequency associated with a musical note. The blued steel material provides the tuning fork with strength, durability, and a distinct bluish tint. Utilize tuning forks for demonstrations involving stobes, mirrors, water, ping pong balls, oscilloscopes, and lasers.

Tuning forks have multiple uses, including as a reference for tuning musical instruments, in physics and acoustics experiments, for medical diagnostics, and in vibrational therapy. They are precise tools with consistent and known frequencies that are useful for sound and sensory studies, as well as for promoting relaxation and addressing health goals. 

*Pitch A to upper C

Product Code Pitch Frequency
SE.31.0478-01 A 426.6 Hz
SE.31.0488-01 B 480 Hz
SE.31.0498-01 C 256 Hz
SE.31.0518-01 D 288 Hz
SE.31.0528-01 E 320 Hz
SE.31.0538-01 F 341.3 Hz
SE.31.0548-01 G 384 Hz
SE.31.0558-01 Lower C 128Hz
SE.31.0508-01 Upper C 512Hz
    Additional Information

    A / 426.6 Hz, B / 480 Hz, C / 256 Hz, D / 288 Hz, E / 320 Hz, F / 341.3 Hz, G / 384 Hz, Lower C / 128Hz, Upper C / 512Hz

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