Trundle Wheel For Distance Measuring Plastic

Trundle Wheel For Distance Measuring Plastic

SKU: SE.31.5585-01

A Trundle Wheel For Distance Measuring Plastic is an essential measuring tool for accurately measuring distances, widely utilized in fields such as surveying, construction, and other industries that require precise distance measurements. The use of plastic in its construction makes it lightweight and easy to handle. Its design allows for straightforward measurement by simply rolling the wheel along the ground and converting the number of revolutions into a distance.

Material is durable, non-wearing clicking mechanism that activates on every full meter revolution. It provides a distinctive way to measure long distances in any setting, whether in the classroom or outdoors.

*Can be disassembled into 2 pcs for convenient storage, and can be quickly reassembled for use.

Product Code: SE.31.5585-01
Overall Length (Assembled): 750mm
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