Tripod Triangle Round
Tripod Triangle Round

Tripod Triangle Round


Size: Triangle / Nickel

Triangle / Nickel
Round / Cast Iron
Triangle / Stainless Steel
SKU: SE.31.4817-01

A Tripod serves as supportive structures in a laboratory setting, providing a stable and elevated platform for equipment and experiments. They are commonly used to support burners, glassware, apparatus, crucibles, and cooling processes. They can also serve as a base for securing clamps or holders during experiments. 

Triangle Tripod - provides stability for supporting larger or heavier apparatus, ideal for situations where stability and balance are crucial

Round Tripod - commonly used in laboratories for supporting burners, glassware, or other apparatus and has sufficient stability for many lab applications

Product Code Shape Material Height Dimensions
SE.31.4817-01 Triangle Nickel 200mm 120x120x120mm
SE.31.4827-01 Round Cast Iron 235mm 110mm od x 75mm id
SE.31.4828-01 Triangle Stainless Steel 200mm 150mm long
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Triangle / Nickel, Round / Cast Iron, Triangle / Stainless Steel
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