Tripod Stand Triangular

Tripod Stand Triangular, Cast Iron


Size: 125x150mm

SKU: Releg.13.00.1541

Tripod Stand Triangular, Cast Iron make it a dependable platform to use in various heating and experimental operations. The triangular design of the stand offers extra balance, ensuring no wobbling during experiments and providing a steady foundation for lab apparatus.

Tripod Stands removable legs: Made of Cast Iron base, Hammer Ton with Triangle Top. Ideal for the science laboratory or classroom to elevate Beakers or Flasks. They’re perfect for use with Bunsen burners to support the object to be heated. Work best in conjunction with wire gauze mats. Legs are removable for easy storage purposes.

Brand: Lalco

Packing: 1 Pc/Pk.

Item Code Size (Top  x Length) 
Releg.13.00.1541 125 x 150 mm
Releg.13.00.1542 100 x 200 mm
Releg.13.00.1543 125 x 200 mm
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125x150mm, 100x200mm, 125x200mm
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