Triangle Prism Acrylic Glass

Triangle Prism Acrylic Glass


Size: Acrylic / Equilateral / 180x180x25mm

Acrylic / Equilateral / 180x180x25mm
Acrylic / Isosceles / 180x130x130mm
Glass / Isosceles / 35mm
Glass / Equilateral / 25mm
Glass / Equilateral / 38mm
Glass / Equilateral / 50mm
Glass / Right Angle / 38mm
Glass / Right Angle / 50mm
Glass / Double Extra Flint / 25mm
SKU: SE.31.1021-01

The Triangle Prism made of acrylic or glass is a versatile geometric shape commonly used in optical experiments, educational demonstrations, and scientific studies. It is frequently utilized to illustrate and analyze principles of light refraction, dispersion, and other optical phenomena in contexts such as physics labs or educational settings.

Acrylic - often chosen for its lightweight nature and impact resistance

Glass - preferred for its traditional use in laboratory equipment, architectural elements, and high-end applications like electronics and fiber optics.

The selection depends on the specific requirements of the application and the desired properties of the material. 

Product Code Material Type Dimensions
SE.31.1021-01 Acrylic Equilateral (Giant) 180x180x25mm, 60x60x60deg
SE.31.1022-01 Acrylic Isosceles (Giant) 180x130x130mm, 45x45x90 deg
SE.31.1025-01 Glass Isosceles 30x60x90 deg, 35mm
SE.31.1026-01 Glass Equilateral 60x60x60 deg, 25mm
SE.31.1036-01 Glass Equilateral 60x60x60 deg, 38mm
SE.31.1056-01 Glass Equilateral 60x60x60 deg, 50mm
SE.31.1066-01 Glass Right Angle 90x45x45 deg, 38mm
SE.31.1076-01 Glass Right Angle 90x45x45 deg, 50mm
SE.31.1146-01 Glass Double Extra Flint 25mm (60 deg), 1.65 ri
Additional Information

Acrylic / Equilateral / 180x180x25mm, Acrylic / Isosceles / 180x130x130mm, Glass / Isosceles / 35mm, Glass / Equilateral / 25mm, Glass / Equilateral / 38mm, Glass / Equilateral / 50mm, Glass / Right Angle / 38mm, Glass / Right Angle / 50mm, Glass / Double Extra Flint / 25mm
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