Tornado Tube Demo of Vortex Using 2 Bottles

Tornado Tube Vortex Demo Using 2 Bottles

SKU: SE.31.0458-01

The Tornado Tube Demo of Vortex Using 2 Bottles offers a hands-on educational experience that effectively demonstrates the principles of a tornado or vortex. By connecting two bottles with the included tube and creating a swirling motion, users can simulate a tornado-like vortex effect, showcasing fluid dynamics and vortex formation. It is a valuable tool for science demonstrations, educational workshops, or simply learning about atmospheric phenomena in an engaging manner. 

This is an ideal way to introduce students to the concept of a vortex, as well as conduct "races" with tornadoes, and conduct tests with liquids of varying levels of thickness. Overall, it's a fun and educational tool to engage students in the world of fluid dynamics.

*bottles not included

Product Code: SE.31.0458-01
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