Thiele Melting Point Tube

Thiele Melting Point Tube


OD X LENGTH: 18 X 150mm

18 X 150mm
25 x 150mm
SKU: TMPT18150
Thiele Melting Point Tubes are widely used in laboratories for determining the melting point of solid materials. These tubes have small capillary openings which allow for tiny sample sizes while still providing accurate melting point measurements and conserving sample material.
Thiele Melting Point Tube made of high-quality, heavy-duty, 3.3 borosilicate glass.
  • Can be used to determine the melting point of organic compounds
  • The total length of 6" (150mm) 
  • 18 or 25mm tube diameter
  • Perfect for any home, school, or professional science laboratory
Item Code OD (mm) LENGTH (mm)
TMPT18150 18 150
TMPT25150 25 150


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18 X 150mm, 25 x 150mm
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