Thermometer Lo-Range

Thermometer Lo-Range 305mm


Range: -100/50x1c

SKU: SE.31.5235-01

The Thermometer Lo-Range is commonly used in environmental science, chemistry, and materials testing to accurately measure ambient temperatures. This precise tool aids researchers in climate studies, ecological assessments, and chemical reactions by ensuring temperature control and monitoring.

In materials science, it is essential for studying temperature's impact on material properties, particularly thermal conductivity and expansion. Its specialized focus on low-range temperatures makes it a necessary instrument for precise scientific experiments.

Length: 305mm

Design: Red Spirit, White Backed

Product Code
Temp Range
SE.31.5235-01 -100/50x1c
SE.31.5245-01 -50/50x1c
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    -100/50x1c, -50/50x1c
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