Thermometer General Purpose

Thermometer General Purpose Green Red Filled


Color: Green / 300mm

Green / 300mm
Red / 200mm
SKU: SE.31.4396-01

The Thermometer General Purpose Red Green Filled is a versatile instrument used for measuring temperature. Its dual-scale or dual-color system allowing easy interpretation of temperature readings with different segments filled with red or green liquid. With its general-purpose designation, this thermometer is suitable for a diverse range of applications, whether in industries, laboratories, educational settings, or any situation that requires a flexible and reliable temperature measurement tool.

Immersion: 76mm

Product Code Type Length Temp Range
SE.31.4396-01 Green Filled 300mm -10/110x1c
SE.31.4397-01 Red Filled 200mm -10/110x1c initial
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    Green / 300mm, Red / 200mm
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