Thermometer Dial Digital
Thermometer Dial Digital

Thermometer Dial Digital


Item: Dial / 0-250c / ss spike

Dial / 0-250c / ss spike
Dial / -10/110c / ss spike
Dial / -40/70c / ss spike
Digital / -50/300c / probe & timer
Digital / -50 to 150c / max min waterproof
Digital / -50 to 150c / horizontal barrel
Digital / -50 to 150c / vertical barrel
Digital / -10/110 c&f
Digital / -10/200 c&f
SKU: SE.31.5045-01

A Thermometer is essential for scientific and lab applications, providing precise temperature measurements. It is commonly used in chemistry, biology, life sciences, and environmental science for monitoring reaction temperatures, maintaining optimal conditions for experiments, and collecting temperature data for studies and research. 

Thermometers have specific purposes, and deciding between a dial and digital model depends on factors like accuracy, readability, and intended use. Dial thermometers are ideal for situations that require a quick visual reading, while digital thermometers provide precise measurements and advanced features for specialized tasks.

Product Code Type Temp Range Dims Features
SE.31.5045-01 Dial 0-250c 25dx130mm s/s spike
SE.31.5055-01 Dial -10/110c 25dx130mm s/s spike
SE.31.5065-01 Dial -40/70c 25dx130mm s/s spike
SE.31.0980-01 Digital -50/300c w/probe and timer
SE.31.5119-01 Digital -50 to 150c waterproof, max/min
SE.31.5117-01 Digital -50 to 150c w/probe, horizontal barrel
SE.31.5135-01 Digital -50 to 150c w/probe, vertical barrel
SE.31.5114-01 Digital -10/110 c&f 200mm lollipop
SE.31.5116-01 Digital -10/200 c&f 110mm lollipop
    Additional Information

    Dial / 0-250c / ss spike, Dial / -10/110c / ss spike, Dial / -40/70c / ss spike, Digital / -50/300c / probe & timer, Digital / -50 to 150c / max min waterproof, Digital / -50 to 150c / horizontal barrel, Digital / -50 to 150c / vertical barrel, Digital / -10/110 c&f, Digital / -10/200 c&f
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