Thermometer General Purpose

Thermometer General Purpose 405mm


Temp Range: -1/51x0.1c

SKU: SE.31.4716-01

The Thermometer General Purpose is a versatile instrument with varying lengths (200mm, 300mm, and 405mm) designed for measuring temperature in different applications and settings. Its flexible design caters to diverse needs, making it suitable for usage in laboratories, industrial processes, educational environments, and various other scenarios where temperature monitoring is essential. As a general-purpose thermometer, it is adaptable for a wide range of temperature measurement tasks and can be customized to the user's specific requirements.

Immersion: 76mm

Product Code Type Length Temp Range
SE.31.4716-01 Lo-Tox WhB 405mm -1/51x0.1c
SE.31.4718-01 Lo-Tox WhB 405mm -1/51x0.2c
SE.31.4701-01 Lo-Tox WhB 405mm -10/260x1c
SE.31.4719-01 Lo-Tox WhB 405mm -1/101x0.2c
    Additional Information
    Temp Range

    -1/51x0.1c, -1/51x0.2c, -10/260x1c, -1/101x0.2c
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