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Test Tube Stands Polypropylene


Size: 16mm-25mm-tubes

25mm φ Tubes
SKU: P77701

Test Tube Stands Polypropylene provide crucial support for keeping test tubes organized and readily available. Robust design elements ensure test tubes are securely held in place, preventing them from tipping and making them easy to access for scientific procedures. The chemically resistant PP material offers protection for samples while stored, ensuring sample safety and preservation.

Test Tube Stands: This autoclavable stand is perhaps the most commonly used test tube stand in various laboratories. For better visibility, this 6 place rack is end supported by 2 columns. The top plate has 2 holes for holding 25 mm, Dia. test tubes, four holes to hold 16 mm Dia. tubes whereas the base has corresponding hemispherical wells. It also has six vertical pins for drying tubes. Another option available in this section is a test tube stand in which all the holes in the top plates can hold 25 mm Dia. tubes.

Material: Polypropylene

Brand: PolyLab

 Code Size Colour
P77701 16 mm & 25 mm φ Tubes Blue
P77702 25 mm φ Tubes White
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16mm-25mm-tubes, 25mm φ Tubes

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