Superconductivity Demo Kit

Superconductivity Demo Kit


Item: Superconductivity Demo Kit

Superconductivity Demo Kit
Spare disc
Spare magnet
SKU: SE.31.1584-01

The Superconductivity Demo Kit contains specialized materials and equipment that effectively demonstrate and explain the principles of superconductivity. This intriguing phenomenon is observed in particular substances at extremely low temperatures, resulting in zero electrical resistance and the exclusion of magnetic fields, among other unique characteristics. This kit is ideal for educational settings like physics labs or science classrooms and offers hands-on experiences for students to explore the fascinating phenomenon of superconductivity. 

Demonstrate Superconductivity Kit Includes:

  • Comes with instruction book
  • Petri Dish
  • Magnet
  • Superconductivity Disc (handle with care) *not pictured
  • Plastic forceps

Lifespan: Extend the disc's lifespan by storing it in a freezer or refrigerator to control humidity and prevent water damage. Crystals may produce a whitish haze when broken down by moisture, so proper storage is crucial for continued use. Maintenance should be approx every 2 years.

Note: You can place them in a small oven at 150 deg c. after use just to dry them out.

Product Code
Item Dimensions Prod Info
SE.31.1584-01 Demo kit Read Data Sheet
SE.31.1573-01 Spare disc 29mm d x 2.9mm Read Data Sheet
SE.31.1573-02 Spare magnet 4mm d x 2mm h
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    Superconductivity Demo Kit, Spare disc, Spare magnet
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