Student Meter Triple Range Amps

Student Meter Triple Range Amps


Range: 0-100mA / 0-500mA / 0-1A

0-100mA / 0-500mA / 0-1A
0-50mA / 0-500mA / 0-5A
SKU: SE.31.1343-01

The Student Meter Triple Range Amps serves as a fundamental laboratory measurement instrument in physics and electrical experiments and used widely in educational purposes. With its triple-range function, this meter provides students with a comprehensive learning experience on current flow and electrical circuits.

Perfect for physics labs, it enables hands-on experiments concerning circuit analysis, Ohm's Law, and precise current measurements. The triple-range feature allows for seamless transitions between varying current levels, allowing students to grasp a wide range of electrical scenarios. 

Resistance (R):  3 ohms (3R/A)
Current Type: DC
Scale: Milliamperes
Viewing Window:  90 x 70 cm
Dimensions:  100 x 90 x 95cm (lxwxh)


Product Code:
SE.31.1343-01 0-100mA / 0-500mA / 0-1A
SE.31.1393-01 0-50mA / 0-500mA / 0-5A
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0-100mA / 0-500mA / 0-1A, 0-50mA / 0-500mA / 0-5A
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