Student Meter Double Range Amps Centre Zero

Student Meter Double Range Amps Centre Zero


Range: 20-0-100uA / 100-0-500uA

20-0-100uA / 100-0-500uA
50-0-50uA / 500-0-500uA
SKU: SE.31.1283-01

The Student Meter Double Range Centre Zero provide students with a comprehensive grasp of current movement and circuit functionality. Its suitable for physics labs, aiding students in conducting practical experiments regarding circuit analysis, Ohm's Law, and current measurement techniques.

This Student Meter allows students to observe positive and negative currents, providing a comprehensive understanding of electrical phenomena. With its precise and versatile design, this tool is a valuable asset for developing a strong foundation in electrical science.

Resistance (R):  2 ohms (2R/A)
Scale: Center-zero (C/Z)
Current Type: DC
Viewing Window:  90 x 70 cm
Dimensions:  100 x 90 x 95cm (lxwxh)


Product Code:
SE.31.1283-01 20-0-100uA / 100-0-500uA
SE.31.1323-01 50-0-50uA / 500-0-500uA
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20-0-100uA / 100-0-500uA, 50-0-50uA / 500-0-500uA
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