Student Meter Double Range Volts

Student Meter Double Range Amps


Range: 0-1V / 0-10V

0-1V / 0-10V
0-1V / 0-5V
0-2V / 0-20V
0-3V / 0-15V
0-50mV / 0-500mV
SKU: SE.31.1153-01

The Student Meter Double Range is a necessary instrument for voltage measurement and comprehension of electrical concepts. It has a wide range of applications in physics labs, giving students the opportunity to conduct experiments on circuit analysis, Ohm's Law, and voltage measurement. Its dual-range function enhances the learning process, enabling students to explore a wider range of voltage values.

Resistance (R):  2 ohms (2R/V)
Current Type: DC
Scale: Volts
Viewing Window:  90 x 70 cm
Dimensions:  100 x 90 x 95cm (lxwxh)


Product Code:
SE.31.1153-01 0-1V / 0-10V
SE.31.1173-01 0-1V / 0-5V
SE.31.1183-01 0-2V / 0-20V
SE.31.1193-01 0-3V / 0-15V
SE.31.1243-01 0-50mV / 0-500mV
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0-1V / 0-10V, 0-1V / 0-5V, 0-2V / 0-20V, 0-3V / 0-15V, 0-50mV / 0-500mV
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