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Storage Vials 2.0 ml Polypropylene


Pack: 100 Pcs/Pk

100 Pcs/Pk
SKU: P64102

Storage Vials 2.0 ml Polypropylene are made for securely stowing samples and liquid volumes, and conserving and coordinating valuable substances. 

This top-quality material renders the vials suitable for a variety of functions, from sample storage to various lab processes. The screw-top lids help avoid leakage or contamination, vital to uphold the quality and uniformity of stored materials.

Storage Vials as the name suggest, these vials are commonly used for the storage of biological material, human & animal cells. The Cap is provided with a built-in seal ring making the vial leakproof. The base of the vial has longitudinal grooves which give it a non-twisting character when placed in a vial rack.

Material: Polypropylene

Brand: PolyLab

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P64102 2.0 ml
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