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Square Coverslips


Width x Depth (mm): 18 x 18mm

18 x 18mm
22 x 22mm
22 X 50mm
SKU: RS171.6

Square coverslips are a vital component of any microscopy experiment in a lab setting. These coverslips, due to their distinctive square form, afford a significantly greater viewing area than their round counterparts, granting microscopic observation and imaging processes greater accuracy and detail.

By fixing and shielding preparations on microscope slides, square coverslips give researchers and scientists the capacity to conduct exact studies and investigations on biological matter or any other type of sample.

These Square Coverslips are manufactured from plain glass with a thickness of 0.13 to 0.16mm. These are ideally suited as a cover material for specimens in microscopic examinations in medicine, biology, and research. They have very good chemical stability.

Brand: Rohem

Packing: 10 Gms/Pk

Item Code Width (mm) Length (mm)
RS171.6 18 18
RS171.7 22 22
RS171.8 22 50
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Width x Depth (mm)

18 x 18mm, 22 x 22mm, 22 X 50mm

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