Spring Balance Flat Plastic Aluminium


Capacity: 100g / 1N

100g / 1N
250 / 2.5N
500g / 5N
1000g / 10N
2000g / 20N
5000g / 50N
SKU: SE.31.1535-01

Spring Balance Flat Plas/Alum combines plastic and aluminum to create a utilitarian, elongated weighing device with a spring mechanism designed for measuring forces in a flat plane. Its lightweight and durable construction makes it ideal for classroom settings and experiments in basic physics.

The Spring Flat Balance is used to instruct on the principles of force measurement and equilibrium and adheres to Hooke's Law.

Brand: Technos

Code  Capacity Readability
SE.31.1535-01 100g/1N 2g
SE.31.1555-01 250/2.5N 5g
SE.31.1565-01 500g/5N 10g
SE.31.1575-01 1000g/10N 10g
SE.31.1585-01 2000g/20N 20g
SE.31.1586-01 5000g/50N 50g
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100g / 1N, 250 / 2.5N, 500g / 5N, 1000g / 10N, 2000g / 20N, 5000g / 50N
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