Spring Balance Cylindrical Plastic


Capacity: 100g / 1N

100g / 1N
250g / 2.5N
500g / 5N
1000g / 10N
2000g / 20N
3000g /30N
5000g /50N
10000G /100N
SKU: SE.31.1457-01

Spring Balance Cylindrical Plastic serves to measure force. This device is also referred to as a Newton Meter and follows Hooke's Law, meaning its extension is related to the force applied.

This product accurately measures force and can easily calculate changes in acceleration. It's a reliable and consistent solution for research and educational settings, with a spring that abides to the rigid guidelines of Hooke's Law. A perfect choice for physics students and professionals alike.

Brand: Technos

Code  Capacity Readability Color
SE.31.1457-01 100g/1N 2g White
SE.31.1455-01 250g/2.5N 5g Blue
SE.31.1465-01 500g/5N 10g Green
SE.31.1475-01 1000g/10N 20g Brown
SE.31.1485-01 2000g/20N 20g Red
SE.31.1495-01 3000g/30N 50g White
SE.31.1505-01 5000g/50N 50g Yellow
SE.31.1508-01 10000G/100N 200g Orange
Additional Information

100g / 1N, 250g / 2.5N, 500g / 5N, 1000g / 10N, 2000g / 20N, 3000g /30N, 5000g /50N, 10000G /100N

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