Spectrometer Student Kit Type III

Spectrometer Student Kit Type III

SKU: SE.31.1246-01

The Spectrometer Student Kit Type III is mainly utilized to enable students to accurately measure and examine the light spectrum from various sources. This kit facilitates the study of atomic and molecular structures in physics, allowing for the practical investigation of concepts such as atomic emission spectra.

The kit gives students a hands-on understanding of chemical analysis methods in chemistry by using the distinct spectral fingerprints of several elements. Its use in these contexts helps students better comprehend how matter and electromagnetic radiation interact, which promotes a deeper comprehension of the physical and chemical characteristics of substances.

Kit Includes:

  • Half silvered mirror
  • Diffraction grating
  • Prism
  • Magnifier
  • Adjustable slit
  • Light source
  • Eye piece
  • 3 volt power source 
    Product Code: SE.31.1246-01
    Focal Length: 170mm
    Weight:  11.8kg
    Dimensions: 251(W)×518(D)×250(H)
    Effective Aperture: Ф30mm
    Stage Diameter: Ф70mm
    View: 3°22’ 
    Telescope’s Eyepiece: 24.3mm
    Rotating Range: 360°
    Transformer: 6.3Ⅴ/220Ⅴ(3ⅤA) 
    Prism Angle: 60°±5’   


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