Soxhlet Extraction Stillheads

Soxhlet Extraction Stillheads


Capacity: 100ml

SKU: RS142.2

Soxhlet Extraction Stillheads extract compounds from solid samples, offering an efficient process for multiple extraction cycles that involves the recirculation of solvents via the sample.

These are designed to be compatible with different laboratory configurations, including round bottom flasks and condensers.

Soxhlet Extraction Still heads are made of  Borosilicate glass 3.3 which is resistant to heat and almost all chemicals. They meet the highest quality standards.

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Item Code Capacity (ml) Socket Cone
RS142.2 100 B 40 B 24
RS142.3 200 B 50 B 24
RS142.1 400 B 55 B 24
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