Sound Level Meter

Sound Level Meter AC Weighting

SKU: SE.31.0278-01

The Sound Level Meter AC Weighting is an essential instrument for precise sound measurement in scientific and industrial settings. Its AC weighting feature accurately captures sound amplitude and frequency, making it valuable for noise level assessments. Scientists and professionals in various fields, including environmental science, acoustics, and occupational health and safety, rely on this tool for accurate sound analysis and compliance with safety regulations. 

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Brand: Technos
Dimensions (LxWxD) 210.0mm x 55.0mm x 32.0mm
Sound Range: 30.0dB, 130.0dB
Weighting: A Weighted, C Weighted
Frequency Range: 31.5Hz, 8000.0Hz
Response: Fast/slow selectable
Display Backlight LED Backlit
Battery 9V
Casing Plastic
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