Solar Furnace

Solar Furnace

SKU: SE.31.4083-01

A Solar Furnace is a tool that utilizes the energy of sunlight to produce intense heat for a variety of purposes. In contrast to standard furnaces that use fossil fuels or electricity, a solar furnace harnesses the sun's power to create high temperatures. Solar furnaces utilize sunlight as an energy source, contributing to sustainable and clean energy research. Their effectiveness depends on concentrator design, sun tracking systems, and the choice of receiver material.

The Solar Furnace harnesses the immense power of the sun through its 12" diameter parabolic dish, effectively concentrating solar energy. By utilizing a reflective mirror, this furnace is capable of producing high temperatures to heat materials inside its attached copper receptacle.

*Teacher's guide with 6 experiments is included

     Product Code: SE.31.4083-01
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