Soil Test Kit Rapitest 32 Tests

Soil Test Kit Rapitest 32 Tests

SKU: SE.31.0164-01

The Soil Test Kit by Rapitest has 32 tests and is used for analyzing the composition of soil in gardening and agriculture. This kit comes with different components and reagents that enable users to conduct multiple tests on soil samples, covering important parameters like pH levels, nutrient concentrations, and other factors impacting soil productivity.

This soil test kit provides valuable insights into soil characteristics, aiding gardeners, farmers, and researchers in making informed decisions about fertilization, plant selection, and overall soil management. With 32 tests available, users can optimize soil conditions for plant growth and improve the health and productivity of their gardens or agricultural plots.

Product Code: SE.31.0164-01

*32 tests, 8 each

Test Type Description
1 / pH Test Acid and Alkaline
2 / N Test Lawns and Vegetables
3 / P Test Shrubs and Trees
4/ K Test Fruits and Flowers

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