Soda Glass Tubing

Soda Glass Tubing


Size: 6mm x 3.9mm

6mm x 3.9mm
7mm x 4.8mm
8mm x 5.5mm
10mm x 7.7mm
SKU: SE.31.6117-01

Soda Glass Tubing, also referred to as Flint Glass Tubing, boasts a lower melting point and superior chemical resistance and expansion rate compared to borosilicate glass, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications. This tool is crucial in science and laboratory applications for creating customized glassware and building vacuum systems in fields such as chemistry, physics, biology, and medical research. 

Soda glass tubing is essential for crafting specialized glassware used in biology and medical research, such as chromatography columns and precision pipettes. Its versatility and ability to create custom laboratory equipment positively impact advancements in scientific techniques and tools.

    Product Code Length od x id Pcs/Kg (approx)
    SE.31.6117-01 50cm 6mm x 3.9mm 58
    SE.31.6127-01 50cm 7mm x 4.8mm 36
    SE.31.6147-01 50cm 8mm x 5.5mm 30
    SE.31.6157-01 50cm 10mm x 7.7mm 20
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      6mm x 3.9mm, 7mm x 4.8mm, 8mm x 5.5mm, 10mm x 7.7mm
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