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Slide Boxes with Hinges Polystyrene


Type: 25 Slides

25 Slides
50 Slides
100 Slides
SKU: P62211

Slide Boxes with Hinges, Polystyrene presents a safe and orderly solution for storing and transporting microscope slides. These boxes are engineered with accuracy, featuring hinges that ensure a seamless open and close, allowing effortless access to slides when required.

These Slide Boxes are equipped with hinges and lock which makes them the perfect option for keeping the slides safe and secure. These slide boxes are also durable, and compact & provide the utmost protection to 1″x 3″ slides. Heavy walls will not warp, splinter, or crack. Boxes are unaffected by humidity and are thoroughly insect-proof. The base of the slide Box has a numbered index for easy slide Identification.

Material: Polystyrene

Brand: PolyLab


Code Particulars
P62211 25 Slides
P62212 50 Slides
P62213 100 Slides


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25 Slides, 50 Slides, 100 Slides
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