Scalpel Plastic Stainless Steel

Scalpel Plastic Stainless Steel


Scale: Stainless steel / #3

Stainless steel / #3
Stainless steel / #4
Plastic / #10
Plastic / #22
Plain / 35mm
SKU: SE.31.1571-01

A Scalpel Plastic Stainless Steel is a surgical instrument with a small and extremely sharp blade used for precise surgical incisions or dissections, pathology work, and other tasks that demand a sharp and precise cutting instrument in a medical or laboratory setting. The handle material, plastic or stainless steel determines balance of comfort, control, and cutting efficiency. 

When choosing a scalpel, it is important to consider the intended use, such as for medical procedures, laboratory work, craftsmanship, or artistic applications. The range of sizes and disposable options provides flexibility for various environments.

*pack of 10

Product Code Handle Type
SE.31.1571-01 Stainless steel #3
SE.31.1581-01 Stainless steel #4
SE.31.1570-01 Plastic #10
SE.31.1572-01 Plastic #22
SE.31.1611-02 Plain 35mm, pointed
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    Stainless steel / #3, Stainless steel / #4, Plastic / #10, Plastic / #22, Plain / 35mm
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