Salinity Test Strip

Salinity Test Strip

SKU: SE.31.3854-01

A Salinity Test Strip can accurately measure the chloride ion concentration (Cl-1) in solutions ranging from 0-1,000 ppm Cl. They are a valuable tool for teaching students about the distinctions between "fresh" and "salt" water, as well as concepts such as freezing point depression and boiling point elevation.

The salinity test strips measure salt levels in liquids and are used in scientific, environmental, and agricultural settings to assess water suitability and study water composition. They are also helpful for monitoring salinity and optimizing crop growth in irrigation.

If testing samples with high salt content, dilution with deionized water may be necessary, and the test result will need to be adjusted based on the dilution factor for an accurate final reading.

Product Code: SE.31.3854-01
Brand: Precision Labs
Packaging: vial of 50 strips
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