Safety Screen Bench Top Polycarbonate

Safety Screen Bench Top Polycarbonate

SKU: SE.31.3956-01

The Safety Screen Bench Top Polycarbonate functions as a safeguard, and its application to a bench top suggests a concentration on targeted security in zones where bench-oriented duties are performed. The clear nature of polycarbonate permits sight while guaranteeing protection. Adhering to safety protocols and utilizing suitable personal protective gear along with safety screens are essential.

Product is polycarbonate, a highly durable and transparent thermoplastic renowned for its exceptional impact resistance and crystal-clear optical clarity. This material is frequently utilized in safety-focused settings thanks to its robustness and break-resistant features.


  • Assembly: Connect side panel tabs to front panel slots, slide and lock into place.
  • Disassembly: Flex bottom of front panel and slide downwards to disengage tabs.
Product Code: SE.31.3956-01
Material: Polycarbonate, clear
Thickness: 3mm
Dimensions: 600mm x 600mm
Package Size/Weight: 77 x 82 x 4 6 kgs
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